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Are you interested in becoming an affiliate?

We're looking for affiliates to join our community and promote our business!

We are one of the best Sports Betting services in the business and we are looking for hungry affiliates to help us grow even further. Currently, we are only offering picks from CS2 but our mission is to become one of the biggest and greatest services ever to exist while simultaneously covering multiple sports.

We need your help to make that happen!

There's simply no one like easybetting.

No one can boast our numbers and no one is close to our level.

We are, hands down, the best CS2 Betting Tipster service to exist!

Here are some of our numbers





What we want is very simple.

We want high traffic and we want conversions!

We are willing to pay top dollar through an exclusive and satisfying commission structure. The more you sell, the more you'll earn!

We want winners, but we value work ethic equally high.

These are the benefits we provide

  • Up to 80% commission per sale*
  • Payouts through Paypal once a month (if you perform well it can be more often)
  • Free Access to the service you're promoting to make extra money! (18+ required)*
  • Dashboard with a complete overview of your sales
  • Unique affiliate links
  • Two subscription plans (€20 monthly or €200 yearly) to maximize your profits
  • Cookie duration for 30 days
  • Access to logo and various marketing materials
  • And probably more...

This is how our commission structure looks like

We have a satisfying commission structure available to all our affiliates.

Simply explained, you can choose between two plans and get a commission based on the number of sales you do per month. One of these plans will suit you better than the other and we are confident that you will enjoy either one of them depending on your skills.

1 - Recurring Revenue

The Recurring Revenue structure is perfect for affiliates who know that they can bring in customers but perhaps not frequently. As long as customers who sign up through your link stay subscribed, you will continue to get your share of the sale. This commission structure suits your passive income needs.

Once you've upgraded your desired affiliate level, you will stay at that level unless you acquire more or your customers cancel their subscriptions. For example, if you've reached the Silver level and have 35 customers under your link, you will stay at the Silver level until you either reach Gold or drop below 31 customers(the Silver level requirement).

Required conversions

Bronze: 1 - 49 customers

Silver: 50 - 199 customers

Gold: 200 - 499 customers

Diamond: 500 - 999 customers

Platinum: 1000+ customers


Bronze: 20% commission

Silver: 25% commission

Gold: 30% commission

Diamond: 40% commission

Platinum: 50% commission

2 - One-Time Sale

The One-Time Sale structure suits the hungry, the motivated, and the ones who know they can bring a lot of conversions. You will be paid per sale, and you will be able to make a lot of money depending on your conversion rate. This plan is perfect for the thrill seeker, the one who's looking to make a quick buck, or the one who knows how to convert customers.

This structure is high-paying and is based on your total amount of sales per year. This counts onwards from your first sale and ends 365 days later. For example, you generate €1000(50 customers with monthly subscriptions or 5 customers with yearly subscriptions) and reach the Silver level. Until you reach the Gold level you will stay at the same commission until 365 days have passed when your level will reset one level(e.g. from Gold down to Silver).

Bronze: €1 - €999 of generated sales

Silver: €1000 - €4999 of generated sales

Gold: €5000 - €9999 of generated sales

Diamond: €10000 - €19999 of generated sales

Platinum: €20000+ or more of generated sales

Bronze: 35% commission

Silver: 40% commission

Gold: 50% commission

Diamond: 65% commission

Platinum: 80% commission

These are some of the creative ways you can market our service

  • Through an affiliate network (e.g. Clickbank)
  • Through Social Media (e.g. Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Youtube)
  • Guerilla Marketing (e.g. post flyers in your local neighborhood or town)
  • Word to Mouth (perhaps from trying the service yourself)
  • To Your Friends

These are some of the qualities we are looking for

  • Ability to provide organic traffic(not bots)
  • Ability to create conversion (Win-win for us both)
  • Ability to create your own affiliate material
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Be hungry, motivated, and dedicated

These are some of the rules you need to oblige with

  • Not signing up through your own affiliate link
  • Not coercing, blackmailing, or threatening someone to sign up through your affiliate link
  • Not driving traffic from any illegal methods that can have a bad impact on our business
  • Not promoting your affiliate link, or us, in any country that doesn't allow Sports Betting or Gambling
  • Not promoting your affiliate link, or us, to anyone that's underaged(e.g 18+ in EU, 21+ in USA)

We don't require you to have years of experience or work for an agency. We simply want you to work hard to achieve greatness. A big plus is if you're also genuinely interested in sports betting as we've realized from experience that this can matter.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself. We want to know your age, your name(or what to call you), where you're from, and how you're going to promote us. If we think you're a good fit, nothing can stop us from making bank together.

What are you waiting for?

Click here to get in touch with us

If you are a seasoned affiliate or have some serious traffic to bring to the table, we can of course cook up a deal together. Just contact us and we'll get started right away.

*Free access is granted for a limited time and only to affiliates who have reached the Silver level (with recurring revenue structure) or affiliates who have reached the Gold level or higher (with One-Time-Sale structure).