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Easybetting VIP Group Stats

Here You Can Find Our Current Stats From Our VIP Service!

How To Understand Our Staking System

We use the unit system when determining the value of our picks. The higher the stake we use on our bet, the higher the value we've found. The same usually goes the other way around. The only time this doesn't apply is mainly for specials, such as the winner of x tournament.

The unit system is a way of measuring this value by applying a set of rules to your bankroll. In general, one unit represents one percent of one's bankroll. To find out how much each unit represents, you have to divide your bankroll by 100. If you have €1000 in your bankroll, you divide it by 100 and realize that one unit, which is one percent, equals €10.

In general, you never place a bet higher than 5% of your bankroll to be able to maintain the highest safety of the bankroll. There are times when things don't go your way and hence you need to maintain a good balance on your bankroll. This is just in general however and doesn't mean that it is the right or the wrong way. But if you're a beginner in Sports Betting, these rules can be a good indication of how to start your journey.

Worth noting as well is that you may use three(3) units as a max bet or twenty(20) units as a max bet. It's not set in stone what is right or wrong. The only thing you need to figure out, and also worry about, is your bankroll and what works for you.

We have a method of staking five units as a maximum bet. Our max bet equals roughly 2% of our bankroll as we sometimes experience high volume and want to spread the risk. It works for us long term and we enjoy it.

How To Read Our Stats

The stats below will tell you a story in detail of how we're performing. Our mission is to be long-term winners, not short-term ones. This means that we might have months where we don't win, and that's perfectly okay. As long as we win long-term, we're profitable. That's the only number you should care enough about.

The stats below will entail the following:

  • Win Rate - How often we win our bets
  • ROI - Our Return of Investment, aka our true profit. Marked as "+" or "-" before the number.
  • Average Odds - The average odds of all our bets combined
  • Wins - The number of wins we have
  • Loss - The number of losses we have
  • Picks - The number of bets/picks we've had
  • Units - The number of units we've profited/lost

An Example:

Picks: 2222

Wins: 1078

Loss: 1140

Win Rate: 48.6%

Average Odds: 2.29

ROI: +2.04%

Units: +134.06

If we wanted to turn this information into real money, we'd have to do the initial calculation(bankroll - 100) to find out how much one unit represents. After that, you simply multiply your unit representation by 134.

An example could be that you have a €1000 bankroll. You then divide 1000 by 100 and get 10, which represents one unit. After that, you simply multiply 10 by 134 and get 1340. This means that you've made a total profit of €1340.

Then, if you want, you can divide that by our monthly fee(€20), and realize that you've made a hell of a profit :')

Hopefully, you'll be able to read our stats below more easily now that you know what each stat means!

P.S. - Our stats will be updated by the end of each month.

Final CSGO Stats

Complete Stats from 7 years of CSGO Betting.

📓 Picks: 19772

✅ Wins: 10003

⛔ Loss: 9769

#️⃣ Win Rate: 50.59%

📊 Avg Odds: 2.27

💰 ROI: +10.41%

🤑 Units: +3265.95

Complete CS2 Stats (From 2023 and counting)

Updated each month

📓 Picks: 799

✅ Wins: 429

⛔ Loss: 368

🔄 Push: 2

#️⃣ Win Rate: 54%

📊 Avg Odds: 2.07

💰 ROI: +8%

🤑 Units: +142.31

2023 VIP CSGO Stats

📓 Picks: 1741

✅ Wins: 934

⛔ Loss: 801

#️⃣ Win Rate: 54%

📊 Avg Odds: 2.04

💰 ROI: +6%

🤑 Units: +216.03

2024 VIP CS2 Stats

3/3 months with profit!


📓 Picks: 616

✅ Wins: 326

⛔ Loss: 288

🔄 Push: 2

#️⃣ Win Rate: 53%

📊 Avg odds: 2.04

💰 ROI: +6%

💵 Units: +84.39

2024 Monthly Stats


📓 Picks: 100

✅ Wins: 49

⛔ Loss: 50

🔄 Push: 1

#️⃣ Win Rate: 49%

📊 Avg odds: 2.09

💰 ROI: +3%

💵 Units: +5.55


📓 Picks: 173

✅ Wins: 91

⛔ Loss: 82

🔄 Push: 0

#️⃣ Win Rate: 53%

📊 Avg odds: 2.08

💰 ROI: +7%

💵 Units: +24.19


📓 Picks: 343

✅ Wins: 186

⛔ Loss: 156

🔄 Push: 1

#️⃣ Win Rate: 54%

📊 Avg odds: 2.00

💰 ROI: +7%

💵 Units: +54.65

April - TBA

Please note that our percentages are rounded up due to the technicalities of our spreadsheet.