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The Best CS2 Betting Service Available

Below is a bit of information about us and why we believe you should join us on our adventure, and your own endeavor, creating the best & most valuable betting group available!

Our Vision

We're a group that started from CSGO Betting!

Our goal has always been to provide more value than what we charged for, so that even the best tipster or the complete beginner, could find quality in our picks. We've always liked side hustles and side incomes and we wanted to create a service that provided our followers with exactly that.

Our vision is to grow into something big and beautiful, hopefully with multiple sports through multiple experts and talents, together creating the best, most unique, and, of course - most valuable, tipster service there ever is or was!

We do not win every bet, but no one does. If they say so, they're most likely scamming you. We do not win every day, week, or sometimes even month either. Yes, it can be bad sometimes, and that's where it's very important to know that betting is a marathon and not a sprint.

We do always look for the absolute best and most valuable bets that we can find, whenever possible. This is to assure you that we are only providing you with quality.

Trust the process and you will make long-term profits!

Our Expansion Plan

Sports we'd love to, and eventually will cover are most likely:

  • Soccer(Premier League, Seria A, La Liga & more)
  • Basketball(NBA & more)
  • Hockey(NHL & more)
  • American Football(NFL)
  • Esports(LoL, DOTA, Valorant, Rocket League)
  • And hopefully more...

The best you can do is to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. We will let you know once we have any updates!

Our Features

In simple terms,

If you make money, we make money

not the other way around.

We will always be motivated to make you money cause that will make us money too.

We are the best group if you're searching for:

  • Maximum Value
  • Maximum Profits
  • Minimized Losses
  • Long-Term Winnings
  • A Stable Side Hustle
  • A Monthly And/Or Extra Income
  • Something New And Exciting
  • Something Extra

And, you will get all of this, at your fingertips, while continuing to live your daily life!

You truly only need around 1-3 hours a week combined(!) to follow us. It is that simple! You have a phone, a tablet, or a computer and we have all the bets shared with you through Telegram.

You do not have to:

  • Find any games worth betting on
  • Research any markets, players, teams, maps & more
  • Watch hours upon hours of sports to gain knowledge
  • Learn about value betting and know what a valuable bet really is
  • Know how the markets move and when to take action
  • And more...

We do all this for you!

We want to be the number one place that you go to when you're actively looking for the best, most valuable, and most maximized picks there is - no matter the sport

Our Numbers

Did we tell you that we've been profitable for over seven(7) years in a row?

Currently, we have placed over 20.000 picks with a +10% ROI and made over 3000 units in profits!

And just to show you an example of how much money that could be, here's one!

Bankroll: €1000

Unit size: €10 (1000/100 = 10)

Profit: €1400 (1400x10 = 1400)

That's implying that you've never raised your stake, never expanded your bankroll, or anything like that! That's just €10 per bet!

Now imagine if you raised that to €20 or €50 or even €100!

Our Pricing

Have you noticed that we only charge €20 per month?

Well, it's just that simple.

There are a lot of groups out there taking anything from nothing to a couple of hundred bucks a month to share picks. Most of them are not even profitable or rely on their memberships to make them profits instead. Some of them are even scammers, and some are sharing picks that the either not keeping books of or simply falsifying records showing maximum profits when that's not even true from the beginning.

The industry is dirty, in simple words.

We know this, and we think it's ridiculous!

We're here to change it.

We're not going to overcharge you!

We're not going to lie to you!

We're not going to promise you anything that we cannot back up!

We're simply just going to share picks with maximum value and keep the fee down so that a maximum amount of people can use our service and make it a long-term side hustle. We know that we perform long-term, that's just it. We have the numbers to back it up. We've done this for so long already and we will continue doing so for as long as possible.

That's our only promise.

So, with that said, until something's changed, whatever that may be, we're going to be €20 per month.

It's that simple.

How To Join Us Today!

So... If you've come this far... what's stopping you from joining us?

  1. Visit our store page
  2. Purchase a subscription(and use whatever code is available at that time for discounts!)
  3. Follow the information provided in your email
  4. Read our FAQ so that you're up to speed!

That's it!

See you inside